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Two More Java Vulnerabilities Found on Java 7

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Two More Java Vulnerabilities Found on Java 7

After six days of releasing the next security patch of Java two new vulnerabilities found by the independent security start-up.
Oracle must be marveling where they made mistake with Java. And if they are not they should be. Just six days after releasing thee update of Java 7, Security investigations, a Shine startup that intensively study in security research which is led by Mr. Adam Gowdiak, sent a vulnerability notice with the proof of code concept to Oracle for identifying the two new security defects.
The security defects, found by Oracle named as “issue 54” and “issue 55”, allow hackers to pass by the sandbox of Java security. An adjustment of the Java security sandbox makes some serious issues, admitting the attackers to change and view user data’s, execute programs and cause serious havoc.
Mr.Gowdik on his own site says Java is hard to break and for adjustment the Java security sandboxbasically more than one problem needs to be grant that appears in the latest vulnerabilities case.
Gowdiak told in Softpedia both the two new issues are only specific for Java SE-7 only. They allow ill-treating the Reflection API in a mainly exciting way. Mr. Gowdiak has not shared additional details about the weaknesses, probably to prevent attackers from abusing the faults. He just noted that “without working into more details everything specifies that the ball is in Oracle’s court again.

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